To study the transformations induced by the extensive use of Information Technology, in order to better understand, manage and orient them towards a sustainable, ethical and humanistic development of society.

Develop reflections, propose strategic orientations and provide pragmatic solutions to the problems associated with the interweaving of the digital and physical worlds, the convergence of electronics and biology, security and confidence needs.

The research institute’s work is based on transdisciplinary and holistic approaches and on trans-cultural and trans-generational teams, whose members share values such as:

the common good, the authenticity, the integrity, the knowledge, the verifiability and the empathy.


The foundation’s fields of action fall under several headings:

  • To inform objectively.
  • Draw up concrete proposals in the fields of public action, the economy and social cohesion.
  • To promote exchanges and linking at the service of public and private entities regardless of their respective missions, political vision and economic stakes.
  • Carry out prospective analyses and recommendations in response to questions submitted to the foundation or deemed important by the Research Institute.
  • To provide constructive responses to the needs related to the control of risks related to the misuse, abuse, criminals, terrorists and conflicting technologies.
  • Conduct objective syntheses of risks associated with cybernetics and emerging and future technologies.
  • Preparing present and future generations for technological and societal change.
  • To benefit individuals and public and private organizations from scientific and technological advances.
  • To carry out actions to accompany and lead changes at the technological, economic, social and political levels.
  • Building human capacities to support the growth of technosciences for sustainable and inclusive development of society
  • Organize debates and report results.