The foundation’s fields of action fall under several headings:

  • To inform objectively.
  • Draw up concrete proposals in the fields of public action, the economy and social cohesion.
  • To promote exchanges and linking at the service of public and private entities regardless of their respective missions, political vision and economic stakes.
  • Carry out prospective analyses and recommendations in response to questions submitted to the foundation or deemed important by the Research Institute.
  • To provide constructive responses to the needs related to the control of risks related to the misuse, abuse, criminals, terrorists and conflicting technologies.
  • Conduct objective syntheses of risks associated with cybernetics and emerging and future technologies.
  • Preparing present and future generations for technological and societal change.
  • To benefit individuals and public and private organizations from scientific and technological advances.
  • To carry out actions to accompany and lead changes at the technological, economic, social and political levels.
  • Building human capacities to support the growth of technosciences for sustainable and inclusive development of society
  • Organize debates and report results.